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from the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, California (Originally from Evanston, Illinois)
Created September 11, 1996 · Updated April 25, 2010
General Music
I've always been interested in the application of music theory to the guitar and bass. I've written several programs for creating scale and chord charts. Results of my most recent efforts are available at my online educational sites. I also have done some work with MIDI and have posted some of my early MIDI compositions.
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Dave's Guitar and Bass Resource Pages
Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and more ...
Created October 22, 2000 · Updated November 2, 2000
I designed, implemented and launched this site over the course of a month or two in 2000. The plan was to offer some free material at this site and then sell CD-ROM's of additional material. It proved too difficult to promote the site and there was a general lack of interest by the public so this site remains frozen in it's earliest form. Sorry. There's still a lot there though!
The InterChart Home Page
An Interactive Scale and Chord Chart Generator in Java
Created November 10, 1996 · Updated November 22, 1997
My first and only Java Applet. Written over the course of about 3 months in 1996, it provides an interactive exploration of scales, chords, and arpeggios on a virtual fretboard. Hasn't been updated in years. Probably never will be. :)
The Glenn Gould De-Vocalizer 2000
Original MIDI Compositions
Created September 11, 1996 · January 16, 1997
My first attempts at MIDI composition. Some interesting stuff. In the end, MIDI proved too time consuming for my short attention span. I hope to do more original MIDI in the future but will probably do so primarily for composition for live performance. I have also created many MIDI files of J.S. Bach compositions. These are available at my J.S. Bach page.
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