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from the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, California (Originally from Evanston, Illinois)
Created September 11, 1996 · Updated April 25, 2010
Electric Bass
I currently play Electric Bass with two bands, (unpronounceable) and ¡BARGOOMA!. I also am working on an extensive project to record numerous solo works of the Baroque Composer, Johann Sebastian Bach. I play a lot of solo improvisational music and I plan on doing some solo bass composition and arrangements of other works.
My primary band instrument is a 7-string Hanewinckel fretted neck-through but I also occasionally play a 7-string Hanewinckel fretless and a 9-string Warrior. For my solo Bach project, I play my 7-string Hanewinckel fretted bolt-on. I also own 6-string Hanewinckel fretted, fretless and fretted/semi-hollow/nylon-core-stringed/piezo-pickup/midi-output basses.
Current Bands
(unpronounceable) is a guitar-bass-drums trio that plays heavily improvisational music that is a blend of many styles, including, Fusion, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Psychedelic, Trance and Blues. Kelly Back plays 6 and 7-string guitar and Jan Jackson plays drums. Much of our music includes extensive bass-looping using a stereo pair of Echoplex Digital Pro Plus effect units. Bass lines are laid down and then additional parts are overdubbed in real time.
¡BARGOOMA! is currently a pure-improv trio that includes Gene Jun on guitar and Jan Jackson on drums. The name ¡BARGOOMA! comes from a track on a CD by Gene's former band, Idiot Flesh. Our music is more uncategorizable. We try to play music that is free of any preconceived boundaries.
Former Bands
Edge Runner was a band I played with in the early-mid 1990's with drummer Bob Holzner. The name was resurrected from Bob's former band. We had various guitarists play with us over the years. Our first guitarist was Mark Bayerle. We also played for short periods of time with other guitarists including Tim Lagershausen, Roland Montijo and a few others. It was improvisiational Rock Fusion with Psychedelic and Funk influences. We later reformed with Mark Bayerle and added Mike Chizzo on electric fretless tenor-bass (a bass tuned up a fourth). We did a few small gigs with this lineup. The rest of the versions were mainly jam/recording projects.
Astral Traveller was another band from the early 1990's with Bob Holzner on drums and included Andrew Tzadok on guitar and occasional appearances by Edgar Gabriel on electric violin. Astral Traveller was preceded by Surreal Banshee which was Andrew Tzadok's project and included a few additional musicians whose names elude me.
Mad Hadder was a Rock power-trio from Glenview, Illinois. The band existed before I joined. I played with them in the early 1990's. Mad Hadder was the main project of guitarist/singer Dave Brätt. We played with various drummers over the years. Our main drummer was Bob Holzner. We did half-original and half-covers. We played various bars in the area for a few years, on and off. Our originals were in the style of Classic Rock and Blues. We did covers by Jimi Hendrix, Rush, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin and others. I played several different basses in this band. I started with a 4-string Alembic, moved on to a 5-string Washburn and then a 6-string Ibanez.
Fashonably Late was a band I played with in the late 1990's. It was a fairly short-lived project with Tim Lagershausen on guitar and Bob Stevens on drums. We mostly did covers and did one gig before disbanding. Prior to that, in the mid 1980's, Tim Lagershausen and I played in a band called Paint Removers with drummer Charlie DesRosiers. We did covers and a few originals. That was my first real band. We had numerous parties in Charlie's huge basement (with a separate bar!).
Before I even started playing bass, I played acoustic guitar in a band called the Beatle Addicts with Lee Bilow also on acoustic guitar. We had no bass player (the seeds for me playing bass were inspired by my love for Paul McCartney's bass playing). I think we were about 13 at the time and played one gig at my Junior High School. We were paid in 31 Flavors Ice Cream coupons. That was probably around 1980.
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My progressivefunkjazzfusionpsychedelic improv band
Created October 20, 2004 · Updated October 20, 2004
Includes Jan Jackson on drums and Kelly Back on guitar.
My psychedelicfusionjazzfunkprogressive improv band
Created October 20, 2004 · Updated October 20, 2004
Includes Jan Jackson on drums and Gene Jun on guitar. Occasional appearances by John Axtell.
Solo Electric Bass
Original Solo Electric Bass MP3's
Created February 2002 · Updated Februrary 2004
This site has MP3 audio clips of some of my solo electric bass playing and one clip of me sitting in with the Bay Area band Bitches Brew. Currently there are only a few short improv clips that were recorded mainly for testing. I hope to update it regularly with longer improvisational and composed solo bass recordings.
J.S. Bach Arrangements For Electric Bass
Audio clips and information about my upcoming recording project
Created June 21, 1999 · Updated July 14, 1999
Since 1995 I have been working on arrangements of Bach works on the electric bass. Although this site has not been updated in a while, I am still pursuing my goal of recording the six Suites for Solo Cello and the Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin. I am nearly ready to record all six Cello Suites.
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