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from the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, California (Originally from Evanston, Illinois)
Created September 11, 1996 · Updated April 25, 2010
Computer Graphics
I have been interested in computer graphics since 1982 when I was first introduced to the Apple ][+ computer. I wrote numerous graphics programs on my Apple-compatible Franklin Ace 100 including several in 6502 Assembly Language. I also created many images, mostly rock band logos. Years later in the early 90's I created my first guitar chart generating programs. The more recent work in that area is available in the General Music section.
Most of my creative graphics work was done on a PC since 1993 when I acquired my first copies of the Persistance of Vision Raytracer and the fractal generating program Fractint. Both of these programs are still available for free and are highly recommended.
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Dave's Guitar and Bass Resource Pages
Mandelbrot Set and Julia Set Fractals Created With Fractint
Created February 22, 2004 · Updated February 22, 2004
I started creating fractals with Fractint back in 1993. Over the years, I've created numerous Mandelbrot Set and Julia Set fractal images. Now that I have upgraded my hosting account to allow for more space and bandwidth, I have decided to make these images available in their original "gif" format. This means that these images can be loaded back into Fractint and explored further or rendered at any size you wish.
Quaternion Julia Fractals
3-D Raytraced Quaternion Julia Fractals rendered with POV-Ray
Created May 18, 2003 · Updated February 7, 2004
Quaternion Julia Fractals are actually four-dimensional mathematical objects based on a special type of complex numbers called quaternions. To see them in 3-D, a "slice" is taken through the four-dimensional object yielding a 3-D object much as a 3-D object can be sliced into a 2-D cross-section.
Dave's Graphics Page
Raytraced and Fractal Imagery
Created December 11, 1996 · Updated Updated June 30, 1997
This is my earliest online computer graphics gallery. It includes mostly POV-Ray raytraced images. The images here represent the best of what I had created between 1993 and 1997. My more recent raytraces all include Quaternion Julia Fractals and are part of my new site of the same name.
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